Supporting schools to see, hear and hold children and young people's mental well-being

News of the Mind Map and our emotional well-being programme for lower schools is spreading! Here's some feedback from schools that we have recently visited.

We Have Feedback!

News of The Mind Map and our emotional wellbeing programme for lower schools is spreading.  Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from schools we’ve recently visited.

Casey’s Caterpillar Club has helped the children better understand and communicate their feelings, as well as teaching them how to be calm when they feel worried or anxious.

“I like taking a nice big breath in calm time” ~ Max year 1

“It tells us we can tell people how we feel and helps us be open about it” ~ Carly year 4

“I really like it because it really explains how feelings are different and how we can work on fixing problems to do with our feelings “~ Evie year 3


Having a Feelings Flower has helped the children visually show their peers and teachers how they are feeling throughout the day.

“It shows other people how I am feeling because some children might ask how I am when I change my caterpillar” ~ Sarah year 3

“You can put your feelings on show without having to tell anyone” ~ Daniel year 4


The Shield of Resilience has helped children be more self-confident and taught them how to keep going when things are difficult.

“I want to do the shield of resilience more – it helps you because most of the time I get bullied outside in the playground. It helps me be strong and forget the nasty things people say. I know I can talk to a teacher” ~ Isla year 3


Teachers have also found The Mind Map tools useful.  Here’s what a couple of teachers recently had to say …  


“I notice my afternoons are a lot calmer once I have addressed how the children are feeling after lunch time play”  


“We are extremely pleased with the ethos, support and hands on support we have received from The Mind Map and look forward to seeing the emotional wellbeing of pupils develop as we further embed these strategies.