Supporting schools to see, hear and hold children and young people's mental wellbeing

School Feedback

Whilst we have endeavoured to make our tools as easy to implement as possible, we recognise that implementing a whole school approach to supporting pupil well being may feel like quite an arduous task, on top of everything else that schools have to achieve during a normal school day.  To that end, we have asked pupils and staff at some of the schools we have already worked in to give us their feedback about the ease with which our tools were implemented and the impact they had within their school.

We hope that this feedback will address some of your questions or concerns, but please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.


School Staff Feedback

"I notice my afternoon is calmer once I have addressed how the children are feeling after lunch time play". (Classroom Teacher)

"The support we have had from Mind Map has been excellent as has the communication. Staff have been able to discuss specific cases and have had support with hands on strategies". (Headteacher)


Pupil Feedback

The Caterpillar Club 

  •  Is " Really good it helps me not worry about my feelings like when I am angry I can just talk about it, not worry and control it". 
  • "We can talk about our feelings". 
  • "If we are really angry we can start our breathing". 
  • "It helps you calm down if you are stressed or angry".
  • "It helps you learn about feelings".


The Feelings Flower

  • Is "A good way of telling someone how you feel". 
  • "If a teacher sees it they can sort it out. If you're feeling sad you can put it on [your flower] if you don't want to talk about it". 
  • "It definitely helps - the teacher sorts it out".


The Shield of Resilience

  • It "helps me to be strong and forget nasty things people say. I know I can talk to a teacher". 
  • "It helps you ignore people who say unkind things".
  • "If someone says bada things you can think your shield is  in your hand and let it bounce off". 
  • "When boys were unkind to me I let it bounce off"


Talk Time

  • "Gets my feelings off my chest". 
  • "It helps us with our feelings"
  • "I can talk about when I'm happy".
  • "You get to talk about it hen you're sad and  it helps you. When i feel onely or sad  I go to talk time. It helps me to feel more comfortable". 



Parent Feedback

"When their Grandad died we told both our children before the start of school. They both decided that they wanted to go into class as normal. At this time Mind Map had recently been introduced into the school.  They told me that they would put their caterpillars onto sad. As a result of this simple action on their part, their teachers were able to talk to them about what had happened and support them during the school day. In addition for both boys they reported that their friends had checked on them and asked how they were during the course of the day, and in the week after. I was very impressed that this programme had enabled my two children at 7 and nearly 9 to both articulate how they were feeling and ensure they were supported by teachers and friends during a sad time for our family. Thank you Mind Map. "






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