Supporting schools to see, hear and hold children and young people's mental wellbeing

Support in implementing a full school counselling service that links with a whole school approach to managing emotional wellbeing and student mental health.

School Feedback

We hope that this feedback will address some of your questions or concerns, but please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.



School Staff Feedback

"I notice my afternoon is calmer once I have addressed how the children are feeling after lunch time play". (Classroom Teacher)

"The support we have had from Mind Map has been excellent as has the communication. Staff have been able to discuss specific cases and have had support with hands on strategies". (Headteacher)



Pupil Feedback

"[The caterpillar club is] really good it helps me not worry about my feelings like when I am angry I can just talk about it, not worry and control it". (Year 4)

"[The feelings flower is] a good way of telling someone how you feel". (Year 2)

"[The shield of resilience] helps me to be strong and forget nasty things people say. I know I can talk to a teacher". (Year 3)


"[Talk Time has helped me] get my feelings off my chest". (Year  3)








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